Light Over Time, by Sam Falls

Sam Falls experiments with material and process, and in particular with long-term effects of sunlight, rain, and temperature on such diverse materials as painted aluminum, heat-sensitive tiles, and colored glass, as well as fabric, copper, and marble.

In Light Over Time, the artist plays with the exposition of this materials painted with a special paint and leaving the untreated surfaces to fade as they are exposed to the elements, marking the passage of time.

But Falls thinks also about the role of the viewer with interactive works. For example, light and body heat modify the colors of the work Untitled (Thermochromatic bench) as the tiles respond to changing temperatures.

Here you can see a video presenting the project.

When: until May 29th, 2015

Where: MetroTech Center – Between Jay Street and Flatbush Avenue at Myrtle Avenue – New York


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