Everybody wants to be a catchy tune, by Annette Lemieux

Annette Lemieux is an American interdisciplinary artist, who emerged in the early 1980’s generation of “picture theory” artists such as David Salle, Jack Goldstein o Barbara Kruger.

Lemieux brought to the studio a discipline equally based on introspection and minimalism. Process is a key component in her work.

Annette Lemieux works with a repertoire of real objects and images from films and books featuring reproductions of historical photographs from the forties and fifties, which she calls her “landscape”.

She explores symbols and languages and investigates the oeuvre of mythical artists such as Man Ray or Marcel Duchamp.

“Her fusion of conceptualism with a studio practice that remains respectful of abstract painting generally, and of minimalism specifically, is unique.”

Robert Pincus-Witten

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When: until May 16th

Where: Kent Fine Art Gallery – 210 Eleventh Avenue — 2nd Floor (Between 24th & 25th Streets) – New York, NY 10001

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