Butterfly Doubt, by Roni Horn

“My drawings are influenced by the fact that I do make sculptures, but they are equally informed by my relationship to language, that is the doubling, pairing, and conjugation generally.”
Roni Horn

The gallery Hauser & Wirth presents a serie of drawings by the american artist Roni Horn. The exhibition is focused on three recent series: Or (2014), Hack Wit (2013 – 2014), and Remembered Words (2013).

Her intricate drawings examine recurring themes of identity, interpretation, mirroring and textual play. The three series takes a varied approach with language.


The Or series of 2014 has evolved from Horn’s unique, sculptural method of drawing. She begins with two drawings which she cuts into pieces then reassembles into new forms. Through this process, the original drawings are fused into a single mutated composition. The Hack Wit drawings employ a similar reconstructive method, but here the subject matter is grounded in language and linguistic play. Finally, Horn’s Remembered Words series presents grid-like sequences of gouache samples on a sheet, each with a single word transcribed beneath.




When: until June, 25th

Where: Hauser & Wirth – 23 Savile Row – London W1S 2ET

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