Tony Oursler

Lehmann Maupin presents the fifth solo show of Tony Oursler with the gallery. In this show, the artist will exhibit new sculptural works highlighting his interest in the relationship between humans and machines, and in particular in the development of facial recognition technology.

Tony Oursler is a pioneering figure of new media art, experimenting with cross-pollination between painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance, language, music, and sound.

The artist will present several large, aluminum panel works in abstract shapes resembling faces, each coated in a different reflective, metallic surface. Embedded with video screens depicting mouths and eyes, these visages also bear the marks, nodes, and geometric patterns of algorithmic facial recognition mapping, pairing the evocation of human expression with the efficient calculus of electronic profiling. One of the artist’s intentions is “to invite the viewer to glimpse themselves from another perspective, that of the machines we have recently created.”














Where: Lehmann Maupin Gallery – 201 Chrystie Street – New York, NY 10002

When: until June 14, 2015

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