All We Need Is Inside, by Jeppe Hein

303 Gallery presents “All We Need Is Inside”, their third exhibition of new works from the artist Jeppe Hein.

On this occasion, Hein presents his latest feats of visual legerdemain in which he manipulates viewers’ perceptions through their experience with the work. Focusing his attention on the awareness of one’s own body and mind, he creates an experiential narrative in which the viewer becomes gracefully cognizant of his own being through the traversal of the exhibition space and its signifying works.

For this, he presents a series of mirrored and glass sculptures, including “Sine Curve I” or “Invisible Eye”.

Upon entering the space, a glowing neon mirror announces ALL WE NEED IS INSIDE, imposing a prism through which the viewer processes the surrounding space.

Jeppe Hein, "All We Need Is Inside," Installation at 303 Gallery JH-272-01_1K JH-285 Installation at 303 Gallery, New York, April 16 - May 30, 2015

Where: 303 gallery – 507 W 24th Street – New York, NY 10011

When: until May, 30th

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